Local Excursions

Dzilam de Bravo

Dzilam de Bravo

The closest shoreline to Izamal is directly north at this quaint little fishing village. Reputed to be the burial site of the notorious pirate Jean Lafite, this quiet little town is now becoming known as the access to the Parque San Felipe. Next to the office of the Port Captain you'll find the local coop called Sayachuleb which offers many different boat trips into the reserve. They offer three different tours and camping. For more information visit the Sayachuleb website.


40 Minute drive
Aké is a fascinating ruin. Somewhat of an archeological cunundrum, this site shows some of what has been described as Toltec influences as seen at Chichen Itza.


1.5 hour drive
To experience another colonial city, we recommend a visit to Valladolid, which has some very impressive colonial architecture. Vendors in and around the main square offer excellent local handicrafts, and you can sample some excellent Yucatecan cuisine.