(Traducir esto en español y ponerlo aqui) Directions within Izamal

We are located on Calle 22 between Calle 33 and Calle 35, 4 blocks east of the convent. 

BY FOOT: If you are arriving by bus simply walk behind the market and continue walking down Calle 33 towards the convent. Pass the convent and continue walking away from town until you reach Calle 22. Take a right and you have found us! The blocks are long so if you don’t wish to carry your bags, then catch a calesa (carriage) and ask them to bring you to the hotel. They will charge you between 15-20 pesos. 
BY CAR: Finding Macan che in a car is only a little trickier due to the one-way streets. 
FROM THE MERIDA ENTRANCE: If you are arriving from Merida you will be coming in on Calle 31. Once you enter the center of Izamal you will have to turn right around the parque or square. There is usually a policeman guiding traffic there. Take that right, then the next left and then continue around to the right basically hugging the convent. Go around the glorieta (a statue of Frey Diego de Landa is in the center) and continue around to the left. You will be on the side of the convent. When you reach the corner you will again have to turn left again. Basically you have gone 3 sides around the convent. When you get to the T, turn right onto Calle 31. You will know you are on it because all of the buildings are yellow. You will be driving away from centro and in 4 blocks take a right on Calle 22. Go one and a half blocks and you have found us! 

FROM THE CANCUN ENTRANCE: If you are arriving from the Cancun cuota or the free road from Chichen Itza, you will come in to Izamal on Calle 24. You will not need to go into the center of town. The streets are not well marked but when you pass the IMSS (clinica or hospital) than take your next right onto Calle 35. Take the following left onto Calle 22 and you are there! 

From Mérida "The Fast Way"

Wherever you are in Mérida, to get to Izamal you want to get on Highway 180, the Mérida-Cancun highway, often called the "carratera" or the "autopista." I'll give some detail below on how to get on the carratera from the airport and downtown, but for now, let's assume you've gotten yourself to the interesection of the Periferico and Calle 65.

The Quick Version:
The road is well-marked with signs along the way for Izamal. Just stay on the road until you see the sign for the Izamal exit. This is just past an underpass(at this writing, under construction). The exit is to the left. Take the left-hand turn and double back along the road (don't get back on the carratera) exiting to the left. You will now be on the spur road to Izamal. Stay on this road and you'll arrive in Izamal on Calle 31. See the section below for directions once you get to Izamal. 

The Details:
(If you like to know about the sights along the way, read this section. If you're a person who just wants to get here, skip this part and go to the directions within Izamal section above.) 

As you leave Mérida on Highway 180, about 12.5 Km east (towards Izamal), you'll pass the exit for Hacienda Teya. This is a beautifully restored hacienda with a wonderful Yucatecan-style restaurant that's open from noon to 6pm. It's the place for Méridanos to get married. If you visit, notice the french-style building in front of the parking lot. This is the old machine house (casa de maquinas). If you have time, peek inside. This is where those weddings take place. 
At Km 26 you'll see a sign and exit for Hacienda Katanchel to the left. We've never visited, but you can learn more about it on their website. The hacienda has been listed for sale for some time, so check to make sure they're still open for visitors before heading down the road. 
A little further on you'll see signs for the village of Seye. The attraction here is right on the road. There are several small stalls of orange sellers. Stop for a refreshing orange! 
Then you'll pass exits for Holactun (there's an old hacienda there, but we haven't visited--new worlds to explore), then Tahmek. To the left you'll see an exit for Aké. Aké is a great ruin, but don't take that road. This is the remains of the old Sac Be (Mayan White Road) and is not paved, nor easily passable. There is an easier way to get there from Izamal. 
About 10 Km past Tahmek is the quaint little town of Hoctun. They have a very nice main square here and a beautiful old church in the center. We're told there's also a cenote in town. If you go, let us know so we can give more information. You no longer go through Hoctun with the new highway, though if you have time and like small pueblos, it is a nice visit. As mentioned above, the main highway provides an exit for the Izamal spur road, take that exit. 
You'll pass two exits for two small towns on the way into Izamal, Kimbila and Citilcum. Kimbila is known for its machine embroidery. Most of the embroidered clothes you see in Izamal are made here. There's no central market location, but if you go to Kimbila you'll meet people who will be happy to show you what's available. Citilcum is another cute small pueblo. We cover it on the alternate (scenic route) from Mérida. 

From Mérida "The Scenic Way"

This route takes you through Tixcocob (this is the town where most of the commercially-available hammocks are made), past the ruins of Aké and Hacienda San Jose Cholul, through some small, but very charming pueblos and into Izamal. 

The Quick Version:
Get to the Periferico and Avenida Quetzal (between Calle 65, the main road in from the east, and Calle 59, the main road out to the east). The sign will be for Tixcocob. The road to Tixcocob is very good. You'll pass through Tixpehual on your way. At Tixcocob go to the main square and look for signs to Izamal. On route you'll pass through Euan, the exit for Hacienda San Jose Cholul, Cacalchen and Citilcum where you'll join the spur road to Izamal. Figure about 1-1/2 hours straight through. 

The Details:
(If you like to know about the sights along the way, read this section. If you're a person who just wants to get here, skip this part and go to the directions within Izamal above.)

The first major pueblo along the way on this route is Tixcocob. Tixcocob is where most of the commercially sold hammocks are made. You can find many in the town square or look for the "factories" along the road. 

Just as your about to leave Tixcocob, you'll see a road that diagonals back on your right. This is the road to Aké. We've been told that its not marked from this side, so if you've passed out of Tixcocob, double back and you'll see the sign. You can read more about Aké on our excursions page. Its one of our favorite ruins, very ancient and generally you'll have the place to yourself. There's also a working hennequin factory there. If you stop to visit Aké, take the road back to the main road and take a left. 

Next you'll pass through Euan and about 5 Km before you get to Cacalchen, look on your left for the sign for Hacienda San Jose Cholul. This is one of the Starwood collection of restored Haciendas. The grounds are beautiful and they have a pretty good (and pricey) restaurant as well. Its down a good dirt road about 3 Km. 

Back on the main road now, you'll pass Cacalchen. If its late December they will be having their fiesta in the main square. Do stop and check it out! From Cacalchen you'll come to Citilcum and then merge onto the spur road to Izamal. From there you'll enter Izamal on Calle 31. Refer to our "Directions within Izamal" for the route directly to Macan ché.